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GLASS. the advertising industry’s effort to decrease waste in the environment and increase clean water supply in the world.
The GLASS mission is to reduce waste by ending our industry’s provision of single-use, plastic bottles of water to our clients and staff in the office and on shoots saving our US land(fills) from an estimated 4,000,000 bottles per year which could save about 160,000 gallons of oil that it would take to produce the bottles, equaling the reduction of our CO2 emissions by 3,581,440 pounds. From the proceeds collected from the purchase of GLASS water bottles and donations, our industry will provide for hundreds of people to take a drink of clean water. It only takes $25 to provide one person with access to safe, drinking water for life. You can accomplish this from using GLASS bottles on ONE production.

This is our industry, our collective effort and one, of many answers, on how to resolve our environmental impact as an industry.



WaterPartners International is a U.S.-based nonprofit organization committed exclusively to providing safe drinking water and sanitation to people in developing countries. Since its inception in 1990, WaterPartners has transformed thousands of lives with access to safe water and sanitation in eight countries - Bangladesh, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Honduras, Guatemala, India, Kenya, and the Philippines.

By forging partnerships with carefully-screened partner organizations and offering innovative financing methods through its WaterCredit Initiative, WaterPartners empowers local communities to develop and sustain solutions to their own water needs.



Not just a group of words, but a philosophy that enables Best Promotions, Inc. to help you create innovative solutions to your marketing plans.

Established in 1989, Best Promotions, Inc. has assembled a team of account executives with over 50 years of collective experience in helping large and small companies plan, create and implement marketing strategies. By working with you, we are able to assist in maximizing your budget by optimizing the best possible prices, delivery options and ensure the quality of product that sends the appropriate message to your customers and employees. While other promotional companies may only offer you two solutions: price, quality or delivery, Best Promotions, Inc. offers all three.

We recycle products – not ideas!

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