Our Mission

To create a sense of community among entertainment industry workers and cultivate their philanthropic spirit in support of sustaining a safety net of programs and services for the benefit of fellow industry members in times of need.

MPTF’s Services:

  • Programs to protect the most vulnerable members of our entertainment industry family.
  • Aid & Services, including access to social workers and financial assistance in times of crisis.
  • Resources to help seniors live fulfilling lives in the communities we call home.
  • Elder Connection, which helps families and older adults, who may need additional help in their homes or daily lives.
  • Residential retirement on The Wasserman Campus, where creativity doesn’t stop at 65.

Safety Compliance:

Best Promotions Inc is committed to applying the highest standards of safety for its products. Best Promotions Inc requires all products manufactured to meet our safety specifications. We take all necessary steps to ensure that our products meet applicable Federal regulations.